Zappa Golf Academy

In 1994 the four Zappa cousins founded t​​heir own Golf Academy: Carlo, who is responsible for discovering potential young golfers, Roberto, coach of the national amateur team, Nicola and Luigi.

After 20 years of active existence, the Zappa golf academy Zappa has become an institution in the prestigious National Golf Club (Milan, Brianza, Cervia, CTL3, Lecco, Ponte di Legno) as well as abroad in Morocco (Agadir). And of course, in the Arzaga Golf Club.


Arzaga is always looking for champions to train, regardless of age, by our Pro Francesco Paris Ella. Thanks to his personal experience and his teaching methods, the Golf Academy has many young talents working with us.

The Zappa golf academy has a special program for all students who are ready to train in a different way for the traditional physical requirements of the game on on the Arzaga Golf Course. The Zappa golf school organizes winter stays in Agadir (Morocco) and summer stays in Ponte di Legno.